Partnering with technology businesses to facilitate smart growth and overall success.  Focused on vision, strategy and execution and specializing in sales, product, operations, and customer experience as your company grows.


Redhand Advisors can provide the experience to build and grow technology businesses focused on risk, insurance and health IT solutions. 

Strategic Planning

Redhand Advisors assist companies to develop clear strategies that align both internal and external factors.  We assist organizations in setting their strategic goals focused on improving operational efficiencies, performance and customer satisfaction. 

Business Model Design

Evaluating new markets, products and services and new business concepts is a critical first step for any new business or product line.  Redhand Advisors utilizes the Business Model Canvass to describe, design, challenge and evaluate your new business model.  This process identifies customer segments, value propositions, cost structures and revenue streams, key partners, resources and activities required to make your business successful.

Product Strategy

Developing a successful product strategy to achieve sustained growth and profitability is one of the toughest challenges a technology company faces.  It requires planning and execution in order to be successful.  Redhand Advisors can assist in the development of a product strategy that encompasses both external variables and internal resources within the organization which need to collaborate in order to be successful.

Market Research and Industry Analysis

Our knowledge and experience in risk, insurance and health IT marketplace positions Redhand Advisors in a unique position to provide strategic insight and analysis on specific markets segments including market size, trends and competitive landscape.

Strategic Sales Management

Redhand Advisors can assist companies in developing a comprehensive strategic sales plan.  Compressive plans include go-to-market strategies, lead generation and customer acquisition strategies, identifying channel partners, team building and talent acquisition.

Customer Experience

Providing the best customer experience leads to customer loyalty which in turn has many financial benefits.  But customer experience is much broader than just support, it needs to encompass your products, services and all customer interactions.  Redhand Advisors assists organizations in developing a comprehensive customer experience strategy that takes all aspects of your customer’s interactions into account. 

Outsourced/Interim Leadership

When a mission-critical project or business transition requires nothing but the best operations management, we can augment your team with interim professional expertise. Smaller organizations can benefit from our "On-Demand" services to leverage our expertise at a fraction

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