Annual RMIS Checkup

An annual review of your company’s critical systems is important to ensure that they are functioning properly, addressing your highest priorities, maximizing your return on investment and taking advantage of all technological advances. An independent annual checkup will provide governance oversight, build an internal case for the annual expenditure and help keep your RMIS on track and positioned for success.

RMIS Checkup Process:

  • Interview key business process owners to evaluate system effectiveness

  • Review organization’s priorities and how they are addressed by the system

  • Review system documentation, including contract to determine compliance

  • Review vendor’s service level and effectiveness;

  • Review current system and identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement

  • Evaluate new functionality and versions of the system not currently being utilized.

RMIS Checkup Outcomes:

  • Provide feedback on current utilization of RMIS

  • Recommend new functionality to be implemented or further evaluated

  • Determine areas where training would be beneficial

  • Identify current problems and strategies for preventing these issues in the future

  • Identify areas of focus for upcoming year

Redhand Advisors, in partnership with Bickmore, provides annual RMIS Check-up to ensure that your system is performing at the optimal level and that you are continuing to maximize your investment. Redhand’s information management consulting practice specializes in helping organizations improve outcomes through information management and technology. Bickmore is the leading independent authority on risk management information systems. 

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