Ventiv Technology Insight Symposium

Last month, I had the opportunity to participate in the Ventiv Technology Insight Symposiums that were held in Chicago and Los Angeles. The symposiums, an alternative to the traditional client conferences held in past years, were held in ten locations worldwide to give clients more opportunities to attend local sessions and to more intimately interact with Ventiv leadership. The two locations that I participated in had between 80-100 attendees at each Symposium.

The Symposiums offered a variety of forums for learning: product demonstrations, hands-on sessions, client-led sessions and expert panels as well as discussions and networking events. Throughout the various sessions I attended, there was valuable information provided and the client participation was strong.

I had the opportunity to present a session titled “Leading Edge Uses of Risk Management Technologies”. My session focused on recent research on how the risk management community is using current technology tools and areas where technology is under-utilized or could be better aligned with risk management priorities. In addition to the session I led, there were guest speakers on “Cyber Insurance: A View From The Buyer’s Side”, “Using Technology To Empower Your Casualty Insurance Program” and “Cyber Security in the Age of Cloud Computing”.

Ventiv showcased a number of new and enhanced product capabilities, some recently released and some that are still in development with an expected release in Q4 or early 2017. One new capability demonstrated was Ventiv’s mobile and analytic offerings that are currently under development. Of particular note is the active development of an advanced data analytics offering that is currently in beta phase. Ventiv and its clients understand that insurers are rapidly moving toward the application of advanced analytics as a hallmark of the future of property and casualty underwriting.

The keynote of the Symposiums presented the concept of Acceleration. Now that Ventiv Technology has established an identity as a stand-alone company, they are focused on accelerating into the future of advanced risk/safety/claim management technology solutions that meet the needs and priorities of its client base. Events like the Ventiv Insight Symposiums held around the world this year helped Ventiv Technology connect with and develop a stronger relationship with its existing clients as well as the markets it has identified.

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