Redhand Advisors and Bickmore Announce a New Partnership

Redhand Advisors and Bickmore announced today a partnership to provide risk and claims information management services. The partnership brings together two of the industry’s leading experts; David Tweedy, Director of Bickmore’s RMIS Practice and Patrick O’Neill, President of Redhand Advisors. Together the two have over 50 years of RMIS experience.

The partnership between Redhand and Bickmore reflects both firms commitment to help organizations maximize their use of risk/claims information solutions and expand the capabilities and capacities for both organizations.

Mr. O’Neill is a recognized leader in risk management, insurance and health technology industries. His areas of expertise include risk management information, claims management, health IT, workers compensation and disability management solutions. Prior to forming Redhand Advisors, Mr. O’Neill was a founding member and executive leader of a leading provider in the RMIS industry. Mr. O’Neill has spent his career creating and delivering state-of-the-art technology solutions for clients.

Mr. Tweedy has over thirty years of risk technology and claims management. As a leading expert in RMIS and claims management, he has worked with a variety of organizations from large corporations to public entities. An expert in assessing and redesigning insurers, he has also worked with TPA and independent based systems improving their efficiency from technical, data quality, and functional perspectives.

About Redhand Advisors

Redhand Advisors provides consulting services to organizations focused on risk, insurance and health information management. The firm specializes in management consulting focused on strategy and execution, outsourced executive leadership, go-to-market strategies and information management consulting.

Redhand’s information management consulting practice specializes in helping organizations improve outcomes through information management and technology. They provide the following services - strategic planning, process improvement, best practices, system planning and design, and vendor analysis and selection.

About Bickmore

Bickmore is the largest, independent non-brokerage affiliated risk management consulting firm in the western United States, and the second largest in the nation. Clients include both public and private entities in over 40 states nationwide. The firm offers risk management consulting, group formation and administration, actuarial, risk control, claims oversight and employment practices services.

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