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Welcome to the 2020 RMIS Report.

The 2020 edition has been redesigned to provide more valuable information on the Risk Management Information System (RMIS) industry. Published by Redhand Advisors and written by industry veterans David Tweedy and Patrick O’Neill, the report provides the most comprehensive analysis and commentary on the marketplace, industry analysis and trends and detailed provider profiles.

The report combines RMIS provider information and expert analysis with RMIS user feedback in one consolidated report. The combined information provides a unique view of the industry. More than 825 RMIS users responded to our survey request.  We were also pleased to include profiles of 21 of the top RMIS providers n the report across all segments of the industry – independent RMIS providers, specialty providers, Insurers, third-party administrators and brokers.. 

It is important to note that the RMIS Report does not endorse or attempt to rank the vendors or determine an overall winner. Nor should anyone try to infer a winner based on the results published. The RMIS Report is a guide to understanding the market and the vendors. 

We hope that you find the 2020 RMIS Report a valuable tool in researching and understanding the RMIS industry.

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