Are you trying to decide if your organization should invest in new risk management technology, are you looking to improve the ROI from your current systems, or are you looking to replace and upgrade your current systems, Redhand Advisors can assist you with these decisions.


Redhand Advisors provides unbiased consulting services that can help you with your risk management technology needs.  Our experience and knowledge in the marketplace can help your organization make the right decisions and maximize your ROI.

Strategic System Planning

We specialize in helping organizations improve the outcomes through information management and technology.  Risk Management Technology solutions can be make a significant impact but finding the right systems that meet your organizations unique needs, leveraging best practices, implementing process improvements is a complex process.  A holistic approach to leveraging risk management technology is key to maximizing your technology investments.

System Assessments

The first step in this process is to take a step back and understand your unique needs and objectives and then determine how that matches what you are currently getting from your current systems. The results of the process provide a roadmap to improvement or replacement of the current systems.  

Process Improvement

Company success is highly dependent on the design of business processes.Redhand Advisors helps organizations understand and manage business risks and improve business processes and operating efficiency.

System Selection

We can facilitate the process to acquire new risk management technology solutions.  From developing the RFP based on your specific needs, identifying the participating vendors and vendor responses.  Our independence and experience enables us to thoroughly review the responses and assist in the decision making process in order to ensure the right decision is made for your organization focused on maximizing your ROI.

Implementation Services

We can provide assistance in the implementation of new risk management solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes and desired objectives are met.  Our industry expertise, best practices and the specific client knowledge are key elements in this phase and to the success of the overall project.

Annual Risk Management System Checkup

An annual review of your company’s critical systems is important to ensure that they are functioning properly, addressing your highest priorities, maximizing your return on investment and taking advantage of all technological advances. An independent annual checkup will provide governance oversight, build an internal case for the annual expenditure and help keep your systems on track and positioned for success.

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