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Risk Management Technology, Insurance and Claims Technology and Health IT Consulting


Redhand Advisors provides consulting services to assist organizations in maximizing their investment in technology in areas of risk, insurance and health IT. We work directly with organizations who use the technology and the providers that deliver the technology solutions.



Where did the name Redhand come from? 


Risk Management Technology Consulting

Are you trying to decide if your organization should invest in new risk management technology, are you looking to improve the ROI from your current systems, or are you looking to replace and upgrade your current systems, Redhand Advisors can assist you with these decisions.


Redhand Advisors provides unbiased consulting services that can help you with your risk management technology needs.  Our experience and knowledge in the marketplace can help your organization make the right decisions and maximize your ROI.

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Technology Vendor Advisory Services

Partnering with technology businesses to facilitate smart growth and overall success.  Focused on vision, strategy and execution and specializing in sales, product, operations, and customer experience as your company grows.


Redhand Advisors can provide the experience to build and grow technology businesses focused on risk, insurance and health IT solutions. 

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